The Xsense/CHG Strategic Partnership first assists in necessary steps and adaptations, such as registration with the relevant authorities, localization services, pricing strategy, local marketing, etc.

As a second step, we will then place firm orders with you for the first period of market entry based on our sales forecast. The manufacturer's risk is considered negligible low as orders are secured and subsequent volumes guaranteed.

China Health Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company engaged in the trading of Medical Equipment and Consumables, Hospital Management Service, Property Investment and Business Factoring for hospitals >visit website

Xsense Group is an international advisory group focusing on the latest in health & medicine and transforming outstanding technologies and concepts into valuable business models >visit website

  • The Xsense/CHG Strategic Partnership has been created  for European brands and producers in the field of Beauty and Cosmetics.
  • The Xsense/CHG Strategic Partnership opens the door to the vast market opportunities in China in B2B as well as B2C sectors

China Health has developed a powerhouse
for sales and distribution systems in China, adding a new strategic business field to
our cooperation

  • We offer a one-stop-shop to guide your brands and products through the complexity of sales & distribution in China and being your partner for your market success
  • The Xsense/CHG Strategic Partnership can expedite your products' sales and placement for products and services marketable in China

We are therefore excited and thrilled to join forces with China Health Group in this strategic business field by establishing a joint entity:

“Xsense & China Health Limited | 中卫智医有限公司” based in Hong Kong

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"Xsense and China Health Group have been working together since 2018 on various fields and projects in China"

Market Excellence

Given our knowledge of the region, our team has created a powerful sales and distribution network for brands and products:

  • We can reach over 9,000 expert clinics in the beauty field
  • We have strong online and social media B2C marketing tools in prime locations in place
  • We operate a highly effective trade processing system

"Your brands & products
can reach out to B2B and B2C clients in China in no time
and generate sales quickly.

You can fully benefit from the impressive market volume and the breathtaking dynamics of the region's marketplace opportunities"

our Approach

We are looking for...:

  • Rising stars – brands and products, which are already visible in their home markets and have reached significant levels of attention and demand
  • Manufacturers who have not yet started substantial sales and distribution activities in China and are ready to accept temporary exclusivity for China (linked to e.g. turnover)



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Market Excellence

Our Approach

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