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„Xsense is your technology-hub committed to identify & implement the highest European standards in medicine for China“

provides a technology-hub bridging best-in-class medical technologies and Chinese high-end operations"

Our Mission

"We are continuously scouting innovation in medicine"



We provide access to this vast and complex market for European healthcare providers through our exclusive network to government agencies and the high-end business community alike.


Xsense bases on over 20 years of experience in China and native language expertise to guide and protect partners on their way to successful market entry.

Medicine and its’ breathtaking progress and development in China is our passion

our management team adds experience in business development



We can offer our partners an effective and targeted approach to market access in China:

  • Xsense pre-selects the ideas and technologies that have the prospect of success
  • We have the experience to turn technology & know-how into a valuable and
    profitable business model.
  • With economically strong partners who can actually implement the technology in this huge market
  • We offer practical expertise to protect intellectual property
  • We protect German/European partners from legal uncertainty by providing
    platforms e.g. in HK or Malta.

China – the future healthcare market


  • China's health care system is developing rapidly and in multiple structures at the same time.
  • Within the framework of the 'Belt and Road', impressive projects are emerging that combine state-of-the-art medicine and methods.
  • China searches and acquires the best technologies worldwide.
  • First target group: the top 10% - ~150 million people with above-average income and wealth.
  • Hot topic: Development of nursing and rehabilitation concepts for a society that is also characterised by its one-child policy.
  • Intensive cooperation in research and teaching is the key to ultimately gaining access to modern health care, especially for large sections of the population.

The Xsense-Team


Hans von Schaper

Head of XsenseGroup

Hans R. Kovacs

Director Medical Group

Julia Jiang-von Schaper

Director Finance

Achim Stiegemann

Director Marketing

Karsten Wacker

Director Investment

Hans von Schaper

(born 1969), partner, Master in Economics (Int. Business and Management). Five years GM for German-Chinese Joint Venture for manufacturing of wind turbines, followed by three years as Director Operations Far East of German based NORDEX with production facilities for turbines and blades in China. Board Director of the German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Beijing (2007). Since 2007 Green Field projects in China and India including Technology Transfer.

Hans R. Kovacs

(born 1952), Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing. Has held various positions in advertising, sports and health marketing in the first dec-ades of his career. Further training to become a NLP master and sys-temic coach and medical consultant for practitioners and medical services. Developer of the Xsense medical concept and scout for unique cutting-edge technologies and services in the New World of health-orientated medicine.

Julia Jiang-von Schaper

(born 1964), Bachelor Western Accounting. Stations with Arthur An-dersen in Houston (USA) and Beijing (China), followed by senior finance positions in Nestle (China) and Rockwell Automation. Three-year CFO position with German-based Süd-Chemie, in charge of Finance, HR, IT and Administration. At Nordex China as CFO, responsible for the seven Chinese  ventures. Since 2007 positions as Finance Director for two Green Field projects and External Auditor for Italo-Chinese Investments.

Achim Stiegemann

(born 1973), Master in Economics (Int. Management and Strategic Marketing). Four years in China; with Siemens for localization projects first, then project manager for Strategy Development and M&A for Siemens Transportation Systems, China. Since 2008 repositioning as freelance advisor in Marketing Strategy and Development for hotels in Germany and Europe, managing various projects for international brands (Intercontinental Hotels Group, etc.) as well as for dedicated private investors in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Karsten Wacker

30 years of experience as founder and managing director of a technology company for industrial automation.

Several years in the field of strategic growth for a French group with worldwide operations (M&A medium-sized companies).

Karsten Wacker contributes his expertise in financing and investments to our group.


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